I’m Back!

I’ve missed you guys! As most of you have noticed I’ve been absent from all my social media, including this blog, for several months. I’ve been absent since February for two reasons: The first is that Lemon passed away suddenly from pancreatitis. And second, because I re-herniated a disc in my back. I wont go into all the details but it was an ordeal. I got a cortisone injection and have been going to physical therapy for several months, and I’m now feeling much better and getting back to my old self.

As far as social media, well, when you’re laid up in bed for a month and then stuck on the couch for another two months there’s not really much to be “social” about. So I made the decision to quietly take a step back.

During this hiatus I also took the time to re-evaluate my relationship with social media. Back in November I’d started feeling a major disconnect. It had become something I dreaded instead of the fun and creative outlet it had once been. I’d stopped having fun and the more I’d pushed myself to engage on my social media platforms the more distant and anxious I became.

After some thought, and everything Sam and I had been through in the last several years–our miscarriage, our dogs passing over the rainbow bridge, and foster care I decided to delete my old Instagram account. It was ready for a fresh start and you can now find me at @gussiedupandglitzed! I also made the Instagram account switch because it is more cohesive with my blog and easier to find. I also have a Facebook page at Gussied Up & Glitzed! So if you’re looking for a way to engage with me I’ve got lots of options!

I’m really excited to be blogging again! I want to know what you guys are all up to! Anyone have exciting summer plans? New Jobs? New House? I want to hear about all your fun plans, trips, summer activities, EVERYTHING! Thanks for sticking with me! Its good to be back.



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