I’m Maegan Johnson and welcome to Gussied Up and Glitzed!

Texan born and raised, I live in Dallas with my husband Sam. I am a writer–it is what I am and what I do. My current project is a middle grade fantasy novel about a bear named Roger Lyman Pickle. It’s not the first book I’ve written, but it’s certainly the one I hope to publish first. My home away from home is almost any bookstore or library–if you can’t find me that’s probably where I am.

I’m highly creative and appreciate different mediums of artistic expression that require my hands. You can usually find me yarn in hand in the evenings knitting–my favorite indie dyers are MadelineTosh and Hedgehog Fibers. I love to help my husband Sam with his garden on the weekends. I’m a sucker for a good DIY and I’m an interior design junkie–Leanne Ford is my design spirit animal. I’m constantly rearranging our living room furniture. I’m vintage and thrift shop obsessed–mid century vintage, Fire King jadeite coffee mugs, and OG country western vinyl are my weakness.

Though I’m a voracious reader, I don’t enjoy writing book reviews. I do however have several dedicated book lists blog posts. I love a good book list!

This blog is dedicated to being a joyful, positive force on the world and the internet. I blog about the things I’m passionate about and enjoy so everything I mentioned above is the kind of content you will find here. I also share about our travels and day to day life.

I also love to make new friends so don’t be shy! I’d offer you something to drink but I haven’t figured out how to hand you sweet tea through the internet–yet. It’s Texas hospitality around here y’all–I can’t help it–that means friendly smiles, genuine hugs, and asking how your mama is because that’s just how we do things here.