Johnson Summer Bucket List

About three summers ago Sam and I started making summer bucket lists and it is one of the best things we ever started doing–besides making a yearly family goal list. It’s a practice that has begun to define our summers! If you’ve never made a summer bucket list I highly encourage you to do so. A summer bucket list can be all the fun things you want to do and it can also be all the goals you have set for yourself. Have you ever made plans in June and looked up in August and you hadn’t accomplished any of them? Me too! I have found that a summer bucket list keeps that from happening–its like fun goal setting. Below is our summer bucket list:

Lay out by the pool

Finish my summer reading list

Kaboom Town Addison Firework Show

An Evening Picnic

Attend a Baseball Game

Finish My Manuscript

An Evening of Stargazing

Make homemade ice cream

Twinning with Sam

Day trip

Try Galaxy doughnuts at Sweet Daze

Cook stir fry

Feed the ducks at the library

Try rolled ice cream

Trip to the Zoo

Finally go record shopping

Take Lemon swimming at the dog park

Visit my parents in Nashville

Vintage shopping

Paint the dining table

Paint and organize the loft

What’s on your summer bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

Maegan — xx


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